14029877Haven’t updated your resume in a long time? Today is the perfect time to get your resume up to speed for 2017. HMF Staffing Solutions provides not-to-miss tips on writing a resume’

  1. Only Include relevant information. Your resume shouldn’t date back further than 7 years. Don’t include everything you’ve done since high school. Make certain you are only incorporating pertinent data that is relevant to the job you’re applying to.
  2. Change the objective section to a summary. The objective section of a resume is old school in today’s modern job world. Instead, write a short summary of three to five sentences that highlight the most important aspects of your resume’, the same way your cover letter does, (make certain to complete a cover letter). It may be the make or break with a hiring manager wanting to explore your resume further.
  3. Use a Classic Layout. Resume layout style is a big question when it comes to how to write a winning resume. There are a million resume templates out there to choose from, but the classic layout is still the best. Keep everything simply organized and list experience in reverse chronological order. Some specific applicants may want a skill – based resume, but for most people, the chronological resume is the better option. Creativity may have its place the job you’re applying for, but your resume’ still needs to be straightforward an easy to read.
  4. Limit the Number of Pages in your resume’.  While it may be difficult you should only have a one-page resume’, bottom line. Typically, “tenured” executive and professionals have a significant amount of years of relevant experience, in this case, you can stretch it to two pages. However, anything more than that is too much, regardless of your work history and accomplishments. Trim down the information as much as possible while still including important details – if it still must go onto the second page, that is fine.
  5. Hiring managers are busy and statistics prove that after reviewing the first page of a candidate resume, unless you have gotten their undivided attention with dynamic information and specifics relevant to their needs, in most cases, your resume’ is at risk of being lost in the shuffle and the chance of landing your next big job is in jeopardy.