HMF Staffing Solutions has years of experience interviewing the sharpest candidates and working with the toughest clients. This has characterized of our ability to understand crucial elements in the deliverance of a successful interview.  Our mission and value is to connect preparation and opportunity.

Our core difference is that we fundamentally invest in our professionals. We provide relevant ground work to condition them like a champ and set them up for success. We work hard to ensure they come highly prepared to win the job they deserve.

Are you prepared to win the job of your dreams?

Make time in advance to do your homework on the company. Use resources on the internet, work with your recruiter, talk with friends and business colleagues to better understand the company’s culture, history, current situation and future direction.

Guarantee you have a winning resume. We can help!  Visit our “Writing a Winning Resume’ page. Be certain you thoroughly understand the position and the requirements of the job.

Dress for Success!  Smile and deliver a firm handshake to confirm confidence in yourself and enthusiasm in discussing your interest in the company and position.

Arrive 15 minutes early. While waiting for the interview to begin, Continue your homework.  Look around and identify company accolades and recent accomplishments illustrated in plaques, brochures or pictures on the wall. This will increase your insight on company culture, history and subsequent direction the company is going in.

Organize and structure your answers. Be brief, positive and energetic. Never provide simple “yes and no” closed ended answers. Step up and take advantage of each opportunity to sell yourself and the ability to do the job well.

Clearly articulate your successes and achievements. Be honest, point out personal and professional learnings from any past derogatory experiences, while playing up your strengths.

Confidently voice “this job” is your chief objective to achieving your ultimate career goals. Use your time wisely and at the end of your interview ask questions that gauge the interest and objectives of the interviewer

This is just the beginning step in learning how to effectively prepare for a winning interview.  Your professional recruiter at HMF Staffing Solutions can deliver award winning tips and much more.  Call or email us today and set an appointment to talk further about how we can connect your relevant preparation to a great career opportunity.