Skills, Capabilities & Characteristic Assessment
Hiring people is complex. We want to help you Hire the Right People the First Time. We can work with your leadership team to benchmark the job – a process that determines the attributes and behaviors of those who will be most successful in each role.

Today’s workforce employee potential should be number one in deciding to hire. It’s an accurate predictor of success at all levels in every size organization. With our changing economy, companies are unable to predict what the future will bring. HMF Staffing Solutions provides quality employees who can easily adapt their skills to different scenarios. We work with talent that will acclimate to change and complexity, which ensures the more successful your company will be.

Resumes are as good as the paper they come on and candidates can sound very good in an interview, however lack needed skills or behavioral styles to be successful at doing their job. Skill and Motivator Assessments will generate necessary insight as you evaluate candidates during your hiring process. You can determine who is a Better fit for the job. We utilize assessments to provide coaching tools in working with the teams you manage.

What is the Payoff? The immediate payoff comes from preventing bad hires. Further savings come from ensuring training dollars are not wasted on teaching skills on a too high or too low level. We can assist you in eliminating the guesswork out of attracting and selecting the right people and determining accurate assessments of an individual’s skill, knowledge and behaviors.