10314739_737480676292425_3111107410327756843_nHeather Ford is the Founder and Owner at HMF Staffing Solutions.  After 20 years as a coach and executive leader in the corporate banking industry, she eventually decided to prevail upon her business acumen, transition into a career in human resources and begin a professional staffing and human resources consulting firm. She has quickly earned a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service and in-depth expertise identifying, attracting and retaining top professionals and executive level talent. A graduate of Purdue University Northwest, studying Human Resources Management, Heather continues to draw on her diverse business knowledge and experience, as it remains the cornerstone to her company’s continued success and consistent client delivery. Heather works with an impressive list of clients across various industries who share one common need; A proven partner who makes strategic staffing and complex employee issues easier.

Professionally, Heather is living out her ultimate goal in life. She continues to demonstrate a high level of passion and no-nonsense energy in her work and delivers trusted advice her clients can rely on. Personally, in her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening and spending time with her family and special family friends; Willie, her beagle, scottish terrier, Barney and chocolate labrador retreiver, Bear.