idea-plan-actionConfidence to move away from what’s draining you and not being deathly afraid to change course.   

It takes courage to acknowledge your headed in the wrong direction and confidence to change course mid-stream. Some might say, “Just one more year-something’s got to break!” or “I should really start exploring other opportunities, but I’ve invested so much money and time in this – I can’t change now.”  Truth is – we age, we develop, and we grow. It takes confidence, courage and the act of living bold to stretch up, grab new experiences, spread our wings and take on new challenges. All of these things require walking through our own fears of changing direction. The problem with our procrastination is, no matter how much we visualize the “wrong direction” eventually becoming better, wrong is still wrong. If you’ve found yourself engaged in a career that drains or disappoints you, it’s wrong for you. Live bold, with confidence and courage!  Embrace a new idea and plan to take action in the right direction in 2017.