A career change is a chance to address a change of heart. That turning point that finely allows you to design your fate by building on proven professional skills and success. Done right, this is a chance to show another side of your successful self.

Decide what your next career move is going to be. In the midst of all our doubts and fears, the reality is positive change in our professional life truly stems from questions about, what will make us happy, what is in our way, and why is it in our way.  The recruiters at HMF Staffing Solutions are skilled to help you zero-in on your number one-hurdle that continues to create a stumble in your step. We can guide you to self discover and execute an effective course of action that will assist you in overcoming that barrier and getting what you want.

Take the leap and try it out. Once you’ve decided what your next career move is going to be, you need to assess if you fit into the new environment. The most effective way to accomplish a serious move in your professional life is to do it in a not-so-serious way. Play with a new professional role on a limited but tangible scale, without compromising your current career for ever.  A good suggestion would be to freelance with a company that uses a professional staffing firm and utilize temporary contract services to your personal benefit. Validate your new direction in a new industry and environment is going to lead you down a path that will ultimately get you want you want and make you happy.

Update your resume so you look like a winner. Lastly, as you begin to break through a new industry and launch a new career, you will first need to complete some serious work on your resume’. We all know our “resume'” is either our first or quite possibly last impression with a hiring manager. You’d be surprised how poor most resumes look to hiring managers even when skills, education and experience is slam dunk in ascertaining the job.  Your best decision in building a winning resume’ will be to let someone else write it for you. It’s very difficult to write your own resume — in the same way it’s hard to figure out how to market yourself. HMF Staffing Solutions will help you each step of the way as you begin to start thinking about making a serious career change and living the American Dream.