5 tell tale sign that your job isn’t a good fit for you anymore, and it may be time to consider how you can either improve the issues or think about a career change. Recognizing these facts, and being proactive about them, is the first healthy step in preparing for a positive professional change.business-man-desk-computer-thinking-108731498-1024x682 Have you been in the same position for several years with no significant raises, promotions or continued learning opportunities? Do you feel like you’re no longer challenged and that you’ve gotten all you can out of the position?

  1. There’s no support to achieve your career goals. A career path and development plan is not in clear sight or priority to you leadership team.
  2. You suffer from unconscious boredom and monotony. While you may not be as excited about your job as you were when you first started, sometimes “routine” can be too comforting – little change = little growth.  Be wary when “routine” turns into Your “bad week” has turned to “bad months” It’s common to have “off days” at work. The difference is when each new day on the job is a little worse than the one before – and you see no hope of improvement. You continue to feel stagnant motivation and movement. Ask yourself if you’re the only thing holding you back?
  3. Your company or industry is shrinking – budget cuts, layoffs and employee turnover are becoming the norm at your company, it’s not a good sign of things to come.

    HMF Staffing Solutions encourages everyone  to “Live BOLD through Confidence and Courage.” Make the first step in taking your career in a new direction in 2017. Start asking yourself questions like these: What do you love about your current job now? What are some things you’ve always been interested in? What are some interesting jobs you’ve seen friends and colleagues have, that you want explore and learn more about?

    – HMF Staffing Solutions can help introduce you to a new career opportunity. Connect with us today.