cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-artboard-1-copy-12.pngCompetition for job openings continues to be fierce. Don’t be modest! Flaunt Professional Development Activities and illustrate your hard work and reasons for being proud of your success. In order to compete and win the job you deserve, you must develop a plan to showcase your strengths and accomplishments that sets yourself apart from other candidates who lack such initiative. Below are a few examples of accomplishments that should be highlighted  in your resume and cover letter;

Applaud Your Own Accomplishments
Your top level exerinece can be reviewed in terms of traditional achievements. Examples are; exceeding quotas, progressive job growth,teamwork awards, employee-of-the-month kudos and service excellence awards The key is to include details about your performance that set the foundation for those awards, presenting accomplishments in terms of value for the employer. For example, what did you do that others did not? What happened as a result of your performance, idea, or strong customer relationships? List positive outcomes across all levels, for example:
· Increased morale
· Higher profit margins
· Streamlined procedures
· Fewer absentee days

Show Your Career Progression
Make sure to include on your resume’ your LinkedIn profile, and personal website that tells the story of increasing responsibility throughout varied positions?  These are a promotional piece of your professional brand. What do these say about you? Do they invite the reader to engage with you and learn more about your career progression?

Elaborate on Team Contributions

I’m sure you can explain a time that you made the boss look good?  How about a time that you anticipated a change that generated success for  your manager and allowed them to come out on top?  Describe projects, programs, or initiatives that you managed. What trends did you forecast? In what collaborative company community projects did you participate? Examples may include:
· Spearheading highest earning United Way Campaign in company history
· Garnering community support for employee recognition event

· Identifying new B2B partnershipsHighlight Certifications

Outline Technological Innovations
ere you considered a rock star by revamping a company website that ultimatley increased traffic and sales?  How about automating manual records with a spreadsheet program? You may consider these routine activities, but such accomplishments definitely distinguish you from the crowd!

A polished resume will stop the hiring manager from sifting through the endless pile of candidates and get them to call you!  However you don’t want to set yourself apart in a negative and unprofessional way. Don’t include any photos of yourself, or use brightly colored paper, or unusual colored fonts. These are all examples of how you may damage your personal image rather than strengthen it. Contact HMF Staffing Solutions today and let us assist in helping you land that new job!