Connecting Preparation with Opportunity. HMF Staffing Solutions specializes in direct hire and contract staffing stratagise that endorse best-in-class talent to a wide array of companies and industries.

Delivering Trusted Advice, Collaborative Business Solutions and Influential Leaders. HMF demonstrates over 20 years of comprehensive experience managing complex staffing, business and performance management issues faced by most executives, HR partners and hiring managers. Our leadership possess in-depth expertise to the business in identifying, attracting, and retaining top professionals, c-suite and executive level talent.

Our primary focus is to work collaboratively with small to mid-size companies to identify needs and deliver workforce strategies that drive superior business performance. Through systemized and cost effective human resources services, we save our clients valuable time – the single biggest commodity they have the least amount of.

Having the right people in the right job with the right attitude. Sound familiar?  Everyone recognizes this ideal concept and it sounds so easy, but it’s not.  HMF understands in today’s modern-day workforce a company’s success is dependent upon taking this infamous ideology to another level.  Are your leaders from the top-down, thinking about their relationships with employees as long-term relationships? Or, are they only focused on their productivity this quarter? Behind the scenes we work with our client’s leadership team to discover a frame-of-mind necessary to build long-term employee relationships, retain top performers, stay competitive in the market, and sustain successful production results.

HMF firmly believes the war on talent is real!  What does your current business model and culture reveal about your organization’s mission to attract and retain the best and brightest talent in your industry?  Does it align with your company’s core values and include a solid plan, already in motion, to remain competitive in today’s ever changing workforce?